Stance launched their line of Star Wars socks into a crowded pre-movie-release market. With the force on their side, they stood out.

At the height of Star Wars hype, Stance asked us to help launch a new line of socks. With competitors like Target and Walmart launching their own Star Wars socks, we took a rebel approach, leveraging limited assets to create reach beyond spend. The campaign helped Stance have its highest single sales day ever on a Cyber Monday crowded with Star Wars co-sponsorships.


This award-winning custom e-commerce experience let Stance shoppers use “The Force” to explore Star Wars socks using only hand gestures as they move through scenes from the first trilogy toward a final showdown with Darth Vader socks.

Shoppers were able to browse, spin, and compare products with the wave of a hand thanks to a first-of-its-kind UI that combines complex motion-tracking software and an innovative webcam-based interface.

Mobile maintained the full scale of desktop with seamless accelerometer navigation that let shoppers explore special-edition Star Wars socks without laying a finger on their phone screens.

The Uncommon Force was the recipient of the Pixel Award 2016 for Best Commerce Site as well as the FWA’s Site of the Day and Mobile Site of the Day awards.


We turned 20 tickets to a Star Wars launch party into viral unboxing videos and huge social reach with a custom party invite inspired by Princess Leia’s hologram message to Obi-Wan.


On Instagram, we recreated 12 iconic scenes from the original trilogy with socks, and served them up as sponsored posts, generating thousands of comments, tags, and new followers.

The scenes were so detailed that fans accused us of faking it with CGI. We set them straight with “making of” posts that earned even more exposure.

"Not bad for a rebel sock brand."


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