The Venetian


The Venetian Las Vegas wanted to refresh its image without a renovation. We leaned into the one thing that is constantly changing: their guests.

The Venetian Las Vegas came to us for something high-end, bold, and different from anything the other hotels on the Strip were doing. Something that would give the place new life. We focused on the one thing that’s constantly changing: the people. We rebranded The Venetian as high-end yet inclusive, classic yet quirky — a place where interesting gathers. “Come as You Are” is an invitation and a celebration of unapologetic individuality, with just the right amount of Italian charm


An eclectic cast of characters prepares for a trip to The Venetian to the sound of Mina’s “Tintarella di Luna,” a classic Italian song about a girl who lives for the moon while everyone else chases the sun.


The people make the place, so we showcased them instead of the property for placements in magazines, including Vanity Fair and Condé Nast Traveler.


A suitcase-patterned key card celebrates what each guest brings to The Venetian, literally and figuratively.


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