To sell All the Cars, Autotrader made the mother of all car ads.

Autotrader lets you shop all the cars: every make, model, style, color, and year. We took inspiration from all the winding roads, all the lifestyle moments, all the Russian Arm shots, and all the donuts to drive home the idea that if you don’t find your next car on Autotrader, you won’t find it anywhere.


We took all the cars to America’s most famous intersection, Times Square.


We name-dropped all the car models to remind buyers of all the car options on Autotrader.


There are ups and downs, rewinds, fast-forwards and pauses. And yet, we are taught that success is all about a straight path, dead ahead.
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If you’re a marketer looking for a traditional focus group or a by-the-numbers research report, Zambezi X may not be a fit for you. The new division, headed by a trio of senior-level female executives at the Culver City-based indie agency, would rather “cultivate a collective and get real truths…
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Zambezi has long been known for having a famous primary investor: Kobe Bryant. But last year the agency bought out Mr. Bryant’s stake, starting a new chapter in its life. Zambezi also wanted to be seen as a shop that does more than sports and entertainment, so it restructured its…
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Zambezi and Autotrader have rolled out ‘Shop All the Cars,’ an advertising blitz with national broadcast and a 360-degree Times Square Spectacular. The campaign’s core creative execution is a :30 broadcast spot that features a visceral mash-up of faux car commercials from a variety of brands. The campaign features the…
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Come As You Are

The Venetian

Come As You Are

Joy to the Lemons

Hubert's Lemonade

Joy to the Lemons