Gavin Lester

Partner + CCO

Gavin’s career has spanned 20 years and two continents. He has worked in London, New York, S.F., and L.A. for 180LA, Goodby Silverstein, and BBH London and NYC. Before becoming Zambezi’s first chief creative officer, he was the executive creative director at Deutsch L.A. Gavin considers work that speaks for itself, taps into the desires of consumers and is effective for brands, and represents for the entire industry to be the holy trinity of advertising. When he is not rearing his two children, he’s busy with his potbellied pigs, chickens, rabbits, and the occasional goat.

Two truths and a lie:
I’m not a big fan of liver.
I put my hand into the blades of a lawn mower as a child.
I have hair.

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