After pioneering the enhanced-water category, vitaminwater’s sales and brand health started slipping. Our millennial target had traded fast-acting for long-lasting, opting for brands with clear-cut purposes and usage occasions, like Red Bull and Gatorade. The “blankwater” campaign showed teens that vitaminwater is their body’s wingman for whatever life throws their way.

Taking a cue from the iconic packaging design, blankwater was a modular device that allowed us to tell a host of stories from a central place: the product. The stories talked about recovery from the night before, a boost for the night to come and everything in between. The structure helped consumers understand when to imbibe.

Across all media on both national and local levels, we created executions that were contextually relevant to connect with specific audiences — from "Gossip Girl" fans to "Twilight" diehards to ESPN sports buffs to LGBTQ drinkers.

Our goal was to boost awareness and trial and we hit both of those square on. Unaided awareness saw a dramatic increase of 26% and product trial, a spike of 27% over the course of the campaign.