Zambezi has been TaylorMade’s agency of record for years. We’ve continuously helped them maintain their reputation as the most innovative and technologically advanced brand in golf with work that has pushed boundaries while straying away from the status quo in golf marketing.

The Wait

If you know any golfers, you know that winter is like purgatory. Across half the nation the ground freezes, courses close, and the game you love is put on ice for months. As the #1 Driver in golf, and as a company of devoted golfers, we composed a brand spot for TaylorMade that commiserated with fellow enthusiasts yearning to get back on the course.

Technically Legal

TaylorMade’s 2017 M2 driver pushed the legal limits of how large a driver head can be. So, the brand needed a spot that would create intrigue and showcase this unique product-story in a compelling way while dramatizing the fact that our driver is legal … technically.


TaylorMade came to us with a mission: generate excitement around their next greatest driver … the M1. We teased the launch with a spot shot in Scotland featuring a local groundskeeper. It succeeded in generating tons of consumer buzz and hype around M1, getting our campaign off to a great start.


Demand More

TaylorMade challenged us to develop excitement for their new players’ irons, PSi, knowing that better players (single-digit handicaps) don't pay attention to advertising. A traditional media campaign was not going to work, so we focused on bringing the golfer inside the ropes with a 360º fitting experience featuring our top athletes.

Made of Greatness

TaylorMade’s R15 driver is the result of 15 years of relentless innovation. We gave it a human face, aligning the legacy of the Tour pro with the unrivaled innovation of the product in Made of Greatness. These intimate documentaries followed each Tour pro’s journey to greatness in conjunction with TaylorMade driver innovation over the last 15 years.