Zambezi took popchips into the mainstream with a brand voice that was fun, authentic, and just wild enough to catch people’s attention. We showed the world that this better-for-you product contained half the fat and calories of fried chips, but all the taste.

By crafting a series of culturally infectious campaigns, with style, wit, and a healthy dose of pop-culture relevance, we spread the word by activating ambassadors for the brand within our strategic platform of “Taste Without Compromise.”

From Ashton Kutcher and Jillian Michaels to Katy Perry and some crime-fighting cats, we created holistic campaigns that included digital films, national print, OOH, Facebook apps, and rich media banners.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. Revenue doubled during three consecutive years of Zambezi’s Agency of Record duties. There were over 4 million video impressions from our "Katy and the Popcats" digital film. 

We’ve had campaign coverage on People, Us Weekly, CNN, ET, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Yahoo!, and others. And at the height of our tenure, popchips was named Forbes’ "Fifth Most Promising Company in America.”