NBA 2K14

We leveraged the best baller in the world to sell one of the most dominant sports game franchises around. From the box art to the teaser to the TV spot, Zambezi built the entire campaign around LeBron and his reign of the game.

The reveal of the cover athlete is a big deal for the 2K franchise and its fans. We milked the drama with a teaser and, once social chatter had reached a fever pitch, we revealed LeBron as the cover athlete on TV.

From Times Square art all the way to point of sale, partner displays and the game packaging itself, LeBron’s “Reign” was impossible to ignore.

In a rare unfiltered interview with Michael Jordan, we got the G.O.A.T. to reveal his dream team for a pick-up game, why the number 23, and his favorite kicks. The video went viral immediately and had players and journalists talking nonstop.